Why Social Concerns Are Increases Day By Day?


Social concerns also known as social issues or social problems can be defined as the issues or problems that are happening in the society and have an effect on the every individual of the society.  These are the some important social concerns which are found in the society or the world. These social concerns or issues are increasing day by day. There are several reasons that are involved in the increasing of these social concerns. We will share with you some important reasons or things in this article that are involved in increasing of these social concerns or issues.

Following are the some reasons due to which these social issues or concerns are increasing;

Over Population:16498315-Abstract-word-cloud-for-Overpopulation-with-related-tags-and-terms-Stock-Photo

Overpopulation is the one of the major cause that is involved in the increasing of the social concerns or issues. This is the main reason to increase in the social concerns because management of society affairs becomes difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to control the population if you want to decrease social issues.


Literacy is another reason to increase in the social concerns. Countries that have low literacy rate they have more social concerns or issues. Literacy is a key that plays an important role in the socio-economic progress. The literacy rate is an important factor in regards to social concerns. Countries that have high literacy rate have low social concerns or issues.


Poverty is also an important factor that is involved in the increasing or decreasing of social concerns. Those countries that have high poverty rate have more social concerns or issues. This is because many people involved in bad habits or activities like murders, robbery, etc., to decrease their poverty or to fulfill their desires. Those countries that have low poverty rate have less number of the social issues.


Under-the-table transactions...Corruption is the major problem of different countries, and it also sets back the social concerns or issues. There are different forms of corruption like bribes, tax evasion, exchange control, etc. Many rights of people are inhibiting due to the corruption due which many social issues arises which are difficult to control.

Miss use of funds:a271a15b-b7c8-49ee-8789-8d7f6af3625d

Miss uses of funds are the main problem of developing countries. Many developed countries or organizations of these developed countries give funds to the developing countries to control their social issues. These funds are giving to get control on different issues like education, health, unemployment etc., but these funds are go to the right place and right person. This is mostly happened in developing countries where funds which are coming from abroad are engulfed by many politicians, government employs, or some fake organizations. These funds also go into the hands of some organizations which are involved in the increasing of social issues like terrorism. All this happened due to the miss management by the government officials or some others factors. Click here for help with money and SEO.



Journey of mankind is always full of ups and downs. And when it relates to livelihood, money starts talking. A person may be mentally rich; he can be economically poor. It is otherwise true in opposite sense also. Men straggle financially when he faces the poverty. Poverty is a problem that increasingly extends. It affects other fundamental rights. Dignity and self-esteem of a person are also affected by poverty. It prevents the exercise of individual liberties; it is a threat to the security of existence (absence of income and access to housing, health care and justice) and also undermines the overall personal development (intellectual, cultural, family and social). Governments have tried and try to end poverty, however, the reality shows that it has not been eradicated and a lot to do to counteract it.

Poverty as a social problem:

We have all suffered for shortage of money at some point of time. It is an individual experience. It is not the same as the social problem of poverty. Since money is the measure of wealth, lack of it may be the measure of lack of wealth, but it is not a social problem. It includes sustained low level of income of the members of a community. It includes deprivation of access to services like education, markets, health or ability to make decisions, and lack of communal facilities like water, sewage, roads, transport and communications

According to forecasts by the World Bank, the number of people worldwide living in extreme poverty is expected to fall below 10% in 2015, proving once again that the fight against poverty led for 25 years, the international community is closer to its historic goal to end poverty by 2030.

In order to fight poverty in the world, we must know its origins and causes. Poverty in the world has several causes: colonialism, slavery, war, invasions … However, there are different factors that contribute to prevail in time to a situation of extreme lack of vital resources. Now what are the causes of this situation and why there can never remove?


We have mentioned some causes here:

Largest population growth is one of the main reasons of poverty. According to the Population Fund of UN, every year 80 million babies are born, indicating that soon there will be big housing problems. Already, the world’s cities are overcrowded, so it is expected that by 2050 the situation will be much worse.

Increasingly, cities are growing and growing. Cities such as Sao Paulo, New York, London and Tokyo are seen as a symbol of prosperity and economic growth. So they are increasingly migrating to the cities. As a consequence, agricultural areas are reduced, thereby decreasing the amount of food.

Another cause of poverty in the world is the existing business model. Companies of first – world countries use people of southern country as workers and producers in a cheap labor which arise a new cause of poverty in southern countries.

Natural disasters are another cause. One could appreciate in the case of Haiti. Or perhaps heavy rains and consequent floods that sweep away the few properties that people have. Earthquakes, landslides among other disasters cause great pain to marginal and poor populations.

Finally, political conflicts also cause poverty. Many people because of armed clashes must have to leave their homes and live as refugees in other places and other times. Different countries do not have the protection of that legal residents. Some live in homes of relatives, crowded and tight. Others have moved into stables, places for animals without the necessary hygienic conditions.


Social Concerns


Social concerns only has four syllables but is a big problem. Social concerns also referred to as social issues and social problems are the matters and problems that influences a considerable number of the individuals with in a society or it is a situation that at least some individuals in the community view as being undesirable. With the passage of time social concerns are increasing day by day and it is becoming difficult combating with them. Social concerns are distinguished from economic concerns but there are certain issues for example immigration that has both social and economic aspects. And then there are certain issues that devastates everything and fall under neither of the categories and that is war.

There are many reasons because of which social concerns are increasing at such a rapid rate and are affecting almost every individual in almost every community all around the globe whether it’s a developed country or an under developed one. In the following article we will discuss some of the major reasons behind this problem.


Following are the reasons why social concerns are increasing day by day.


Over population is one of the largest reasons of social issues. When a population exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecological niche social problems are generated. An overly populated area becomes difficult to manage and a little disturbance at one corner affects the whole area. In order, to maintain peace over population has to be controlled.


Unemployment or idleness is another big cause of social concerns. A rise in unemployment gives rise to crimes as the unemployed people will indulge themselves in stealing and robbery in order to provide basic amenities of life to their families. This leads to social illness.


Inequality is not treating everybody on the same grounds. Inequality among individuals creates a feeling of hatred among them leading to social restlessness which again is a big social concern and which should be eradicated from the roots.


Another factor that contributes the most in social concerns and which has its roots engraved into the whole system is corruption. There are many forms of corruption including usury, bribe, tax evasion etc. Corruption causes the right of many people inhibited. When the deserving people do not get what they deserve there is always generated a chaos and that leads to social issues.


Low literacy rate is not have access to good and quality education. People who have high quality of education excel in all fields while the ones who cannot afford high education are left behind this creates a feeling of deprivation among them leading to social illness.


Poverty is a very big factor that contributes to the generation of social concerns. Surveys show that countries have more poverty have more social concerns than those who have less rate of poverty. When poverty strikes a nation then that nation gets involved in crimes like murder for the sake of money, robbery, stealing etc to fulfill their desires and needs.

These were few of the social concerns that must be eradicated from the society. We have to find ways for combating with them either by voting for leaders in a democracy to advance their ideals or by donating or sharing our time, money and resources voluntarily.