Social concerns also known as social issues or social problems can be defined as the issues or problems that are happening in the society and have an effect on the every individual of the society.  These are the some important social concerns which are found in the society or the world. These social concerns or issues are increasing day by day. There are several reasons that are involved in the increasing of these social concerns. We will share with you some important reasons or things in this article that are involved in increasing of these social concerns or issues.

Following are the some reasons due to which these social issues or concerns are increasing;

Over Population:16498315-Abstract-word-cloud-for-Overpopulation-with-related-tags-and-terms-Stock-Photo

Overpopulation is the one of the major cause that is involved in the increasing of the social concerns or issues. This is the main reason to increase in the social concerns because management of society affairs becomes difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to control the population if you want to decrease social issues.


Literacy is another reason to increase in the social concerns. Countries that have low literacy rate they have more social concerns or issues. Literacy is a key that plays an important role in the socio-economic progress. The literacy rate is an important factor in regards to social concerns. Countries that have high literacy rate have low social concerns or issues.


Poverty is also an important factor that is involved in the increasing or decreasing of social concerns. Those countries that have high poverty rate have more social concerns or issues. This is because many people involved in bad habits or activities like murders, robbery, etc., to decrease their poverty or to fulfill their desires. Those countries that have low poverty rate have less number of the social issues.


Under-the-table transactions...Corruption is the major problem of different countries, and it also sets back the social concerns or issues. There are different forms of corruption like bribes, tax evasion, exchange control, etc. Many rights of people are inhibiting due to the corruption due which many social issues arises which are difficult to control.

Miss use of funds:a271a15b-b7c8-49ee-8789-8d7f6af3625d

Miss uses of funds are the main problem of developing countries. Many developed countries or organizations of these developed countries give funds to the developing countries to control their social issues. These funds are giving to get control on different issues like education, health, unemployment etc., but these funds are go to the right place and right person. This is mostly happened in developing countries where funds which are coming from abroad are engulfed by many politicians, government employs, or some fake organizations. These funds also go into the hands of some organizations which are involved in the increasing of social issues like terrorism. All this happened due to the miss management by the government officials or some others factors. Click here for help with money and SEO.